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Falls prevention talk

Homecare Together did a joint presentation last week to the active retired group in Mount Merrion. This talk was aimed as an introduction to the group, about ways in which to reduce the risk of falls and the exercises that can help. Fit for life in Sandyford, are delivering group classes in Sandyford and also to groups, in their locations. This exercise training, teaches people to participate in exercises based around balance and co-ordination, which can really help to prevent a fall, but also to help you recover your balance during a fall. Once your balance improves, you are less likely to fall and to be able to stop the fall happening, if for example you stumble. They also gave great advice on footwear, which can help prevent falls. Homecare together found the talk by Fit for life an invaluable source of up to date information and we will be encouraging our clients to attend these classes whenever they can. Homecare Together look forward to working with Fit for life in the future!

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