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Dementia Care

Homecare Together use the Butterfly Model of Care. This person centred approach to care, was developed in pioneering care homes across the UK

How we can help

It’s our memories that make us the people we are, so when we start to lose them, it can be an emotional and distressing time.  So we train our carers to communicate with your loved one to understand their feelings. We use personal triggers like music, artwork, sensory stimulation and activities, which help us connect with your loved ones and their memories.

People with Dementia may feel lost and alone, so we plan our clients care around safe and enjoyable activities, connecting them with their past. We know that our clients have different realities to us and would never enforce our own beliefs.

By working with our clients in their own homes, a natural setting, we can help our clients to lead a safe and happy life.

Homecare Together use advanced technology to safeguard our clients. With our technology partner, we can offer a falls detection device and tracking platform.

We also offer flexible routines and individual meal choices, as we encourage our clients to eat when they feel like it, with availability of snacks throughout the day.

Continuity of care is essential with dementia care and we always do our best to ensure the same carer works with each client.

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