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Training Together

As part of our carer programme, we provide distance learning with on-line and classroom sessions, including induction, people handling and medication training, which is provided to you before you begin working with us, free of charge.

QQI Healthcare Support Level 5 Major Award 5M4339

  • No registration or exam fees
  • Assistance for staff who are working with us to attain 2 key modules ( terms and conditions apply)
  • FREE supervision and support of assignments
  • Total price for 8 Modules is €995 or 5 easy pay instalments at €199 (Currently reduced for the months of September and October 2016 to €850)
  • 24/7 Dedicated support team
  • No additional registration or exam fees
  • Assignments can be hand-written or typed
  • No deadlines for submitting assignments
  • Access our online training within one hour
  • Each module completed within weeks
  • No time restriction to complete modules
  • Exam provisions available for students with specific learning needs
  • Individual modules available
  • Exemptions are available for old modules that the learner has completed
  • Repeat exams free of charge
  • Work experience of 100 hours can be undertaken with Homecare Together so you can earn as you learn
  • 99% exam success rate

Manual/People Handling Training Certificate

Free training offered to all our carers.

This training covers all the elements of people handling and is certified by our FETAC Qualified Instructors

Safe and Responsible Medication Management Training

Homecare Together offer this course, which is Certified and designed by Waterford Institute of Technology and our training partner.

This training is free to our carers and will prepare the carer to work safely with our clients, to reduce the risk of medication errors. The course covers safe receipt, handling, storage, administration and disposal of medication.  It covers side effects and safe recording/reporting practises.

This training is extended into your workplace with practical clinical sessions, alongside your clients.

Induction Training Programme

We cover all aspects of your work with Homecare Together. From policy and procedures, through to infection control and safe food handling. This training is aimed at preparing the carer for their day to day work with Homecare Together. This training will help the carer to start working with confidence and a clear understanding of their role and responsibility.

Family Training

Homecare Together understand that sometimes, family members through necessity or choice, will be involved in hands on care with their loved one. We work with you, to give you some basic care skills you might need, such as manual handling. We give this training to our client families, free of charge.

Training Facilities

We have a training room available for use by local groups which can accommodate up to five learners. We offer this free or for a nominal fee, depending on the circumstances, please talk to us direct to find out more.

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